Investor Relations


Global Oceanic Designs, Inc. is currently preparing a $1.2 million offering which will be made available immediately upon its completion. The previous offering for $600,000 was fully subscribed and completed in March of this year. The proceeds of this offering will be used to Complete Phase 2 of the Development Plan for the Global Oceanic Development Facility and to Create and Test Structural Models and Prototypes. A portion of the funds will also be allocated to Marketing and Operating Expenses.

Property Development will consist of Phase 2 of the Development Plan for the Global Development Facility in Willis, TX. The second half of the land (2.5 acres) has been cleared of unwanted trees and brush, and roadways are currently being extended to the back of the property. An 8-foot-high fence along the entire North boundary will match the existing one along the South boundary; a white cinder block wall along the back of the property will match the one that already separates the property from Cude Cemetary Road, and the property will be enclosed completely.

A 9,500 square foot Prototype Development Lab has been drawn and marked off to be built as a result of this offering. Additionally, a second building of the same size will be laid out and foundation poured to complete Phase 2 of the Property Development Plan.

The remaining third and final phase of development will consist of the construction of the 9,500 square foot Prototype and Development Complex and the 2.5 million gallon WaveTank, and it will be the result of a $5 million capital raise set to take place after the completion of the current offering. The Complex will have direct access to the WaveTank and will contain all necessary installation equipment to assemble the Structural Models.

Assembly of Structural Models is set to occur at the Global Development Facility in Willis, TX, and certification of each structure is planned to be by Southwest Research Institute in its Ocean Simulation Laboratory.

It is the vision and determined focus of Global Oceanic Designs to assist in the creation of the world’s first Underwater City. The Company intends to offer its suite of technologies to those already building this planet in order to help shift the planetary focus away from convenience and toward a new era of abundance represented by extending human habitation to include below, on the surface, and above the world’s oceans, lakes and rivers.

Global’s recent discoveries show a clear line of sight to success in the mission of Developing Beneath the World’s Waters, and the Company is proud to present these paradigm-shattering directions to those that will manifest them for the entire planet.