Key Relationships


Global Oceanic Designs, Inc.’s current development vision, of a “Corporate Machine” includes business entities that share its vision of planetary transformation.

Among these are: Peaches: Imagine, Inc. an aggressively innovative IP and technology development firm – and Resort AttractionsInc. a seasoned tourism development and marketing firm specializing in aquatics.

Global Oceanic Designs places high value on these strategic alliances primarily because the principles of each entity share a deep and intimate understanding of, and commitment to, Global’s expansive vision for the Bi- and Tri-Pyramidal Structural Hulls and related technologies.  They each bring years of specialized experience, insightful perspective and unique expertise that will prove to be invaluable to Global’s effort to bring about positive changes at a planetary level.


Peaches: Imagine, Inc., is a Texas Corporation dedicated to taking ideas and concepts to the next level.  Its primary businesses are Intellectual Property creation and development and technology consulting. Its professional philosophy strives to foster a culture of extraordinarily wide-ranged multidisciplinary collaboration, integrated systemic solutions and environmental stewardship.

Peaches: Imagine’s principle, Mark M. Penner, is already quite accomplished at just age 28.  In his Junior (2002) and Senior (2003) years of high school, he was a SHARP and Post-SHARP Intern for NASA at the Goddard Space Flight Center, and he served internships during college at the Olin College of Engineering’s Intelligent Vehicles Laboratory and the Schlumberger-Doll SCOPE team.

In May of 2007, he graduated with a B.S. in Engineering (Systems Concentration) from Olin College of Engineering, which is one of the top-ranked engineering programs in the nation.  After graduation, he worked at Schlumberger where he was awarded two patents and provided engineering solutions that revolutionized their Isolation Valve product line.

Shortly after that while consulting for an alternative energy company, Mr. Penner used his technical knowledge and skill with Solidworks modeling program to shave hundreds of thousands from the company’s annual burn rate.

Furthermore, Mark enjoys a wide range of talents from an extreme proficiency in Solidwork, to System Modeling and Control. Success in Idea and Concept Generation as well as being officially rated as a Master Go player name but a few of this young man’s many accomplishments and qualifications.   Furthermore Mark has already developed an exceedingly strong and wide network of very talented professionals in a vast array of positions.

When needed, Peaches: Imagine can call upon an expert in essentially every technical discipline from graph theory and theoretical physics, solar energy, compressed gas energy storage, robotics, material scientists, or material scientists.

Peaches: Imagine, Inc. was founded in 2010.  Since then, it has acquired multiple assets and has successfully entered into several consulting service contracts.

Global is extremely fortunate to have a gifted firm like Peaches: Imagine available because it will be extraordinarily useful in so many diverse technical areas. Ultimately, access to this multi-disciplinary technical expertise will prove invaluable to the timely development of Global’s projects.

Peaches: Imagine is very supportive of Global’s efforts to locate new investors with the vision to realize the upside potential of these projects.  Peaches: Imagine possesses an exceedingly wide range of diverse technical expertise and an extremely strong commitment to see Global’s products tested, certified, built and made ready for market deployment.


Resort Attractions, Inc. (RA) is a Texas Corporation founded in 2002 and specializes in water-related tourism, travel and technology, and it maintains a strong focus on innovative tourism development and tourism and travel-related marketing.  RA is headquartered adjacent to the Seven Coves Resort on Lake Conroe, just north of Houston, in Willis, Texas.

Global Oceanic Designs considers itself extremely fortunate to have secured the support of Resort Attractions, Inc. for a variety of important reasons.

Resort Attractions’ principle, Kenneth W. Welch, Jr. possesses extraordinary and extensive marketing expertise acquired over the course of his thirty-year involvement in the tourism development and tourism marketing industries.  Furthermore, he is intimately familiar with, and possesses a very deep understanding of, Global Oceanic Designs’ corporate goals, strategies and philosophy.

He and Resort Attractions are extremely enthusiastic and very excited about joining forces with the other affiliated firms to become a leading member of Global Oceanic Designs’ recently created strategic alliance, or “Corporate Machine”

As a pioneer in the development of the infomercial and an award-winning marketer of tourism and travel-related developments, products, services and destinations, Kenneth and his firm are uniquely qualified and extremely eager to employ its unique perspective and extensive expertise in direct support of Global’s transformative vision.

Resort Attractions recognizes the extraordinary tourism and travel-related opportunities that will be unlocked by successful deployment of Global’s completely clear submarine, Crystal Quest IV.  Underwater recreational opportunities will abound.  Submarine cruises, underwater casinos, restaurants/bars, hotel stays in underwater habitats, and even entire communities thriving below the surface will be made possible and cost-effective with proper utilization of Global’s fantastic new submersible hull designs. 

It is Resort Attractions’ carefully considered opinion that the time is right for just such a break through and that the potential upside is simply staggering in its enormity!

Mr. Welch is also significantly invested in Global Oceanic Designs Inc., and Resort Attractions is fully committed to Global’s vision to change the planet’s future.