Crystal Quest IV


Global Oceanic Designs is proud to introduce its first fully-operational, Bi-Pyramidal Submarine: the revolutionary Crystal Quest IV.

Crystal Quest IV is the first in Global Oceanic’s ‘Adventure Line’ of trailer-able recreational or research submarines. With a maximum working depth of 1200 feet, a carrying capacity of up to 4 passengers, a mission time of 3 hours and 360 degree lighting and visibility, the Crystal Quest IV represents the premier gateway to almost anywhere in the subsurface world.

The versatility represented in Crystal Quest IV is truly impressive. It is designed to be moved over land on a trailer to allow deployment in previously-unexplored bodies of water. A 360 degree flood light system allows passengers to marvel at all the marine life attracted by light at depths the sun ordinarily never reaches. By utilizing only crystal-clear, flat hull materials, filming and photography from the interior of the submarine will show the splendor of marine life with almost no distortion.

The innovative ballast system allows for stable maneuvering from any orientation including upside down while maintaining multiple redundant safety systems. Additionally, the ability to add optional packages such as manipulator arms to the exterior of the submarine can turn this exploration vessel into a work vessel for research, salvage, or mining operations.

With the very notable exceptions of its hull and ballast system, all of Crystal Quest IV’s major components such as motors, controls, lights, life support and power systems are readily-available and industry-proven “off the shelf” systems for ease in reproduction.

For everyone that has ever dreamed of the sea, the gateway to the ocean depths is here. The Crystal Quest IV is equipped with all the tools needed to allow submariners to explore more of the depths than any time in human history and show everyone a whole new world.