Kenneth W. Welch, Jr

I’m an “Entrepreneur Workaholic”! My passion is inventing, building, creating and developing new and innovative ideas, things, or companies that change the world around us. I consider myself a visionary dedicated to making our world a better place, for our children and the planet in general.

All of his inventions over his thirty-year career play a key role in his larger dream of revolutionizing the world’s infrastructure for our children’s children. He believes that the apparent lack of vital resources such as clean water and food are simply issues of poor resource management and a lack of technological innovation. He aims to remedy both of these contributing issues by personally inventing the technologies to allow humans to live in abundance below our oceans, on our lakes and rivers, above the water, and in outer space.

He seems to be able to perceive a new mathematical direction into the way that materials, force and weight react to one another. His research created a universal ratio methodology that he calls upon to invent and develop his technologies. It works in conjunction with the modern understanding of physics and engineering to paint a clearer picture of the forces at play within a system.

More About Ken

In Addition to Global Oceanic Designs, Inc, Ken is the Inventor, Founder, Chairman, CEO, President of several other companies such as:

Global Technology Billboard Directory
Resort Attractions, Inc.
SeaDog Systems, Inc.
X-Wave Facility