Breaking Ground

Global establishes five acre headquarters near Lake Conroe. 

Global Oceanic Designs, Inc. broke ground on five acres of land in Willis, TX the day after closing on it in early November. For only $232,000, this particular lot serves as a great location for Global’s state-of-the-art Design, Development, Testing and Training, and Marketing and Sales Facility. 

The dense forest dominating the property presents both a huge opportunity for a beautiful campus and a challenge to build out the site with minimal impact to the natural environment.

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Global had already engaged the acrylic company for immediate shipment and pushed an extremely aggressive timetable for Phase 1 of the property development. Doug Siemonsma, long-time associate of Ken Welch and principle of Ashwood Homes, proved to be the right man for the job. Mr. Siemonsma coordinated an all-out blitz on this property in a most efficient and impressive manner.

2012-10-29_13-07-45_400First, the team of Ashwood Homes used multiple bulldozers to punch into the tree line to provide a path from the road. Phase 1 of the build out involved clearing the east half of the land. A multitude of machines accompanied by dozens of supporting personnel worked quickly to produce a 2.5 acre masterpiece of environmentally conscious design. Such a sight created quite the stir in the small community as traffic would stop to observe this considerable undertaking. 

2012-11-19_11-32-10_221The dead trees were targeted for removal first and the underbrush cleared as the site quickly transformed from forest  into a park-like setting. The buildings and structure were laid out as to spare as many trees as possible to retain the land’s natural feeling.  Out of the approximately 120 pine trees on the forward half of the property, an impressive 98 were preserved to be part of the landscape.

By mid-November, the property was bustling with work crews. The number of men and women working onsite often exceeded seventy people from nearly every construction discipline. Concrete crews poured the foundation for all of the buildings being erected as part of Phase 1 including the Showcase Facility, one of the cottages, and a well house.


As soon as the concrete settled, the first beams were erected for Global’s 3,500 square foot Showcase Facility. Not long after construction on the building began, those present realized that 


Global was not assembling a typical steel building. The most noticeable clue early on was undoubtedly the thickness of the walls. With walls fourteen inches thick and exposed steel I-beams running across the eighteen-foot high ceiling, the showcase facility allows optimal versatility, strength and insulation from both heat and outside disturbances. Although Global had created a layout of the property before beginning construction, plans were altered on the fly to maximize the value gained on each dollar spent and to avoid damage to the coniferous forest. Several improvements were advanced into Phase 1 from Phase 2 to support Global’s increasing growth.  The additional headway on the property took the original budget of $150,000 to $228,000 and furthered the Global agenda greatly.

2012-11-29_11-57-42_966After three weeks of concerted effort, the red and white Showcase Facility stood proudly facing the Cude Cemetary Road entrances. Because the Crystal Quest IV will be built in the Showcase Facility, the building is wired with 120V and 240V, 400 amp electricity services controlled by two custom circuit panels. The same electrical abilities extend to the nearly 200 square foot, covered patios on both the north and south sides of the buildings that serve as platforms for outdoor work space. 

2012-11-30_08-42-39_136When the Showcase building neared completion, attention turned toward the front of the property. Concrete trucks lined up to fill the wooden frames set for the circle drive connecting both gates to the Showcase Facility 2012-12-08_11-44-37_112while cinder blocks flew off of the trucks to be stacked into the 252 foot long , 8 foot high wall that separates the property from Cude Cemetary Road.  2012-11-30_16-59-22_124Global elected to run an 8 foot chain link fence for 1000 feet along the entire length of the south border  as well as clear a 15 foot path around the perimeter of the entire property.

2012-12-08_11-30-49_288Next, Global purchased the cottage from Athens Custom Homes to be placed on the north side of the property.  A crafty maneuver planned to avoid the loss of a few beautiful trees depended upon dry conditions for the truck and delayed progress for two days. The third day brought enough sunshine to execute the plan, and the result was perfect placement of the office building.20130225_160934

Now that the cottage had been placed, the water could be connected to the site. The first of two wells scheduled punched into the aquifer below at 298 feet deep and is capable of pumping 48 gallons per minute. Water was connected to the existing two buildings while a 144 square foot well house was constructed by the Ashwood Homes crew.

20130320_135852A beautiful 300 square foot wooden deck built in only three days added value to the cottage as additional workspace or for entertaining clients among nature, but it had to sit for three weeks to cure before staining the wood. During this period of time, Global upgraded the landscaping of the grounds on which the buildings are found by having six semis of sod laid within a single day. 56It became quite the spectacle as an entire acre converted into a lush, green living carpet of grass. In mid-February, the walls were painted white, and the two heavy steel gates were painted blue to give a grand roadside appearance to those passing by.

The addition of the main sign to its inlaid position in the center of the front wall today completed the image to the outside world. 78The men removed the twenty-one foot long, four foot tall bright white, aluminum sign from the truck and fastened it into place to signify the completion of Phase 1 of the build out of Global’s Design, Development, Testing and Training, and Marketing and Sales Facility. The massive sign projects the Peaches Imagine, Global Oceanic Designs and Resort Attractions logos in proper form just in time for the world to take notice.

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