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Kenneth W. Welch, Jr.’s Fulcrum Technologies are a suite of patent-pending machines that utilize the properties of displacement, buoyancy and magnetism to amplify the effect of an input force on a fulcrum bar. The category is comprised of the Two-Stroke Hydro Piston Magnetic Fulcrum Motor, Magnetic Fulcrum Water Displacement Pond Pounder and Artificial Head.

First, the Magnetic Fulcrum Motor uses the up and down movements of a buoyancy block attached to the long side of a fulcrum bar to drive a piston cylinder which pressurizes any contained liquid or gas. The pressurized medium can be transmitted for miles or connected to end-user applications such as turbines for electricity or reverse-osmosis membranes for water desalination. These machines are capable of providing abundant, base-load renewable energy at a lower cost than any competing method of electrical generation.

Second, the Pond Pounder uses the vertical movements of an actuator on a fulcrum bar to generate a rhythmic displacement and sustain a preselected wave pattern within a bulk-headed pool. It utilizes the same enhancement technique as the magnetic fulcrum motor, but in a different configuration. The long arm of the fulcrum bar is connected to an actuator, and the short arm is connected to a partially-submerged displacement block. The movements of the actuator can be powered by hydraulics, pneumatics or any other means, and each movement submerges or raises the displacement block with an increased force.

Because the Magnetic Fulcrum Motor produced an intermittent flow of water, another invention was required to avoid the expense of an elevated reservoir or a water tower that would be needed to produce a constant pressure. The Artificial Head is a patent- pending device consisting of a pressurized gas pocket above a liquid contained within a pressure vessel. The discontinuous flow of liquid into the machine exits as one even, turbine-friendly outbound flow. The Artificial Head matches the outbound flow to the preset pressure of its gas cap.

Mr. Welch’s Fulcrum Technologies make perfect choices for new infrastructure systems. They decrease costs and resources required to pump large volumes of liquids and gases at high pressures over long distances while producing no carbon footprint. The Fulcrum Technologies will satisfy all pumping needs for cities below the oceans, on the lakes and rivers, above the water and in space.

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