Hydro Technologies

The Movement Of
Gases And Fluids

Global Oceanic Designs’ Hydro-Driven Technologies portfolio represents an entire suite of proprietary apparatuses and systems. Each provides extraordinary flexibility and cost-effective pumping resources that represent solutions for a wide variety of industries.

These revolutionary Hydro-Driven Technologies feature modular pumps and compressors that provide extreme pumping functionality with both gases and liquids. Pumping systems scale in size from powering air tools to infrastructure-sized machines supplying surface air to underwater cities. Compression stages combine to optimize efficiency over a wide range of output pressures.

The unmatched versatility of the Hydro-Driven Technologies and its pumps saves on costs for the end-user. The elegantly-simple design allows a single machine to meet the needs of a wide range of pumping applications with fewer moving parts and very low maintenance costs. The cost avoidance presented by this product in the market today makes it an immediately-marketable and valuable product line.

Most importantly, Global’s Hydro-Driven Technologies present another critical key to providing the life support systems that unlock large-scale subsea development.