Submersible Technology

Without a significant change of course, the human population of planet Earth faces some enormous challenges in the very near future. Shortages of energy and freshwater currently pose significant threats to a large portion of our global human family. If solutions to these problems are not implemented soon, the consequences could be devastating.

Global Oceanic Designs is certain that these problems are solvable. In fact, Global has been convinced by its research that these are actually problems stemming from improper perception, poor resource allocation and insufficient technological innovation rather than any real shortage.

Freshwater lakes cover more than 1,500,000 square miles on this planet, which is an area larger than the contiguous United States. Additionally, more than 165 major rivers constantly flow as part of the water cycle. It is absolutely dumbfounding that a planet with almost 3/4 of its surface covered with water struggles to quench the thirst of its growing population.

Global has created the technologies to evolve humanity beyond these perceptions and hurdles. The oceans represent the largest feature on this planet that can easily supply all of the energy, resources and shelter required for the entire population of Earth.

Part of the reason for under-utilizing beneath the world’s waters is the lack of understanding of the value available to those that overcome the barriers to the depths. In fact, we have been to the moon more times than we have been to the deepest part of our oceans, and we have better maps of Jupiter than we have created for expanses of half of the United States territory that is covered by water.

To begin the new age of exploration and development, a real need exists for affordable, rugged and easily-transportable submersible structures. Global Oceanic Designs’ Bi- and Tri-Pyramidal Structural Hulls fill that void. The new mineral riches and tourism opportunities found below the water will power a land grab and worldwide economic renaissance.

Taming the planet’s underwater environment to utilize the vast resources available presents a number of unique and significant technological challenges, and Global Oceanic Designs is convinced that it has discovered and developed several of the most critical keys required to unlock humanity’s underwater future including cost-effective life-support systems, pressure housings and sustainable energy production methods.

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