The Future Of Water And Air Energy

Sustainable Energy Systems

Global Oceanic Designs presents the energy technologies to power its vision of off-land living. Most of the energy to support an underwater city goes to life support. The huge volume of liquids and gases to be moved requires massive amounts of energy.

The days are numbered on fossil fuels, and the world is searching for a solution. The increase of the worldwide electricity need over the next 20 years cannot be met by fossil fuels alone. In addition, the exhaust created by any such system complicates life support designs for undersea living. The nuclear option has a host of challenges of its own.

Most renewable energy technologies are unreliable due to the intermittent nature of their respective fuel sources. Wind turbines are often matched by natural gas power plants that are fired up to provide power when the wind stops. With the prices of alternative energy already typically higher than traditional methods, the necessity to maintain redundant capacity only increases the true cost.

In contrast, Global’s suite of energy technologies uses the natural properties of buoyancy and displacement to pump any liquid or gas to nearly any pressure. This movement of gas or fluid can be used for innumerable applications including electrical generation, desalinization, atmospheric circulation, energy storage and propulsion with minimal conversion losses. After performing its primary task, some of the energy utilized can even be recovered and reapplied to the system.

Together, these machines are capable of producing base-load energy on a small footprint with no carbon emissions. Global has changed the game in electrical generation and unlocked a new, sustainable future for a global humanity.