The concept of living underwater is not a new one; yet two primary barriers to achieving this dream still exist: developing large structures capable of withstanding hydrostatic pressure and providing viable life support systems. These systems include breathable air, freshwater, light, heat and the energy necessary to power those systems.

Though countless unproven future habitat concepts exist, only one converted research vessel hosts subsurface guests for overnight stays.

Proven Bi- and Tri-Pyramidal Structural Hulls are scalable, interconnect-able and mass-producible. The structures can be thought of as modular underwater building blocks that can withstand great pressures, be built to practically any size and connect together to form a nearly infinite number of underwater city designs.

The largest unavoidable and ongoing cost of building large, inhabitable structures underwater is the operation of life support systems. Global Oceanic Designs’ suite of pumping and life support technologies combine with Bi-Pyramidal and Tri-Pyramidal Structural Hulls to overcome both the pressure and life support barriers.

Picture a 1,000 bed luxury resort making its descent in the center of the lake after its daily trip to the surface to exchange passengers. The arriving guests appear from the opposite side to be suspended in air as they navigate the magnificently decorated halls. Exploration submarines provide nonstop beauty as their powerful lights necessary to see at depth cause the tropical fish to glow to greet them along the way.

The back of the complex could sport an amusement park for the children with the occasional roller coaster winding its way out of sight. The faint light of a famed underwater gold mine could be just detectable in the distance from the corner of the casino near the slot machines.

Underwater Habitat concepts allow tourism to fuel the development of long-term tourist destinations below our waters. Sustainable underwater resorts quickly evolve to entire submerged cities with the inclusion of service jobs. Whether it be a lake, river or ocean, inner-space will finally be open for business.

Life Beneath The Waves