The mood at Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. Global Oceanic Designs, Inc. & SeaDog Systems, Inc. is one of celebration and momentum, as they mark the next chapter in the deployment of their groundbreaking hydropower technologies. We sat down with Kenneth W. Welch, Jr. inventor and C.E.O. of Global Oceanic Designs and SeaDog Systems Inc., and partner, Georg Engelmann, engineer and C.E.O. at Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. to discuss their recent influx of investment…

The Company is thrilled to announce after months of negotiations they have received a $5 million investment, a significant milestone towards their overall target of $15.75 million, which will allow them to launch their revolutionary systems and support their global vision: bringing truly sustainable hydropower technologies to the United States and around the World.

“We can finally let our supporters know what has kept us busy these past months/weeks; getting our installation license agreements in order, engaging contractors and engineers, joining forces with advocates who all will play an essential role in implementing our technologies,” shared Mr. Welch.

They expect a historic season to come, now with the capital needed to upgrade their wave energy systems products and work together with authorities who can ensure the deployment of their offshore systems.

How will they use this important investment? “We have a number of simultaneous fronts in action, including the construction of a working mock-model section of our underwater pipeline and artificial head systems, and along with enhancing our wave testing facilities in Willis, Tx., to convert bigger and stronger waves, thus creating more testing power.

Moving into phase two of our “go-to-market plan” we are also now able to incorporate our exciting state-of-the-art energy storage technologies,” said Mr. Engelmann. In addition, SeaDog Systems, Inc. with Global Oceanic Designs, Inc. will be is investing in upgrades on both of their facilities and the beginning construction of their new three-story glass & steel office buildings.

All together, these advancements will allow for a comprehensive demonstration program of the offshore technologies being licensed by Diamond to bring their new hydropower grid/storage and dam-free wave energy systems to the world.

“What drives us, is creating a Sustainable Planet that will be habitable for our Children’s Children long after we are gone”.

“At SeaDog Systems, Inc., their mission is to assume responsible use of the planet’s natural resources and develop efficient conversion of renewable energy resources. Diamond now has had the means to demonstrate that vision, as a reality.”

Not only is the Company finalizing the hardware/products needed for their wave energy conversion systems, but they are meeting with the appropriate industry leaders to enter into a global launching point. Mr. Welch stated, “we are now meeting with key authorities within the United States Department of Commerce to engage states, cities, and municipalities along the Eastern Seaboard to deploy our wave energy converters via our proprietary hydropower driven liquid grid and hydro energy storage system.”

The next step? Deploy their powerful technology worldwide. Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. is delighted to be working with a consultant within UNICEF who will be advocating within the U.N. for use of these licensable technologies, due to the urgent humanitarian need for sustainable energy and curbing the climate and energy crisis.

A key part of their representatives will also be working within the U.S. Congress and Tourism Association to bring together this a national movement to populate the U.S. waters with their systems, and bring promote them into worldwide usage, changing the sustainable energy economy as we know it.

Global Oceanic Designs’ proprietary grid system offers the incorporation of tidal, wind, current, and solar technologies by converting their energies to fluid transfers, offering a much more efficient process. This process can be connected via liquid transport to the new grid system as a standard, pressure-matched metered liquid flow.

In this fashion, all systems providing liquid flow will have “Equal Volumetric Value” for their distribution of power to the grid as the new world-first liquid hydro system, capable of producing freshwater and dam-free, base-load hydroelectric power… On-Demand!

“Many of these exciting next steps will be completed within three to five months. We are coming out swinging engaging our contractors.” Said Mr. Engelmann. The Company will be sharing more information, including a video, in the days and weeks to come. We encourage the Energy and Business Communities to stay tuned for more exciting updates on the company’s progress and advancements coming!

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