Diamond Infrastructure Development is a multifaceted, diverse combination of individuals who seek to bring healing to the planet using the technologies developed by Global Oceanic and SeaDog Systems.

Georg Engelmann, President and CEO of Diamond Infrastructure Development

Houston, TX , Aug. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Energy availability is the pillar of social and economic progress in society. Over 2 billion people still live without electricity. Hundreds of millions more live with unreliable or expensive power and inadequate amounts of water. These circumstances pose a key barrier to economic development in emerging economies. The impacts cover a range of socio-economic development issues, including health, education, food security, employment, commerce, hence inhibiting the potential for poverty reduction. Infrastructure enables a nation’s productivity, quality of life, and economic progression by driving growth, creating jobs, and improving productivity, quality of life, and efficiency. Well-designed infrastructure is an essential driver of national prosperity and is a prerequisite for economic expansion and for future growth to occur.

Water is the major key to the development of energy infrastructures and remains fundamental throughout the lifecycle of energy infrastructure and resource development, from the extraction of raw materials, their purification, washing and treatment, use as coolants in manufacturing and energy industries, and is the main fuel for hydropower plants.

Water is also a key ingredient for all other forms of energy whether nuclear, solar, wind, geothermal or coal.It’s time to change! Using the energy cycle of water in the form of cold energy production can achieve all this without the need of such systems.

The joined relationship of the management of water and energy resources is as simple as acknowledging the connection of the energy demand intensity for the water sector to the water demand intensity for the energy sector. This comes in form of the amount of water needed for exploration, extraction, generation, and transmission of energy, and the amount of energy needed for extraction, transportation, distribution, and end-use of water, which all adds up to the genius of the water-energy-infrastructure loop. This Cold Energy Production offers a true opportunity to transform bigger and bigger fire to colder systems for economic and ecological change providing an environmentally friendly alternative to today’s fossil fuels, solar technologies, nuclear and wind. Engaging the water-energy-infrastructure loop developed by Global Oceanic Designs and SeaDog Systems, under the management of Diamond Infrastructure Development, will provide a truly revolutionary change in the production, delivery, and use of the Ocean’s powerful and dynamic natural energy system, for generations and generations to come. This multi-purpose dam-free hydroelectric wave-driven future energy system, maximizing the manipulation of ocean energies, will bring a new frontier in offshore and onshore development unmatched by any predecessor for cleanliness, safety, and sustainability. A much-needed World First!

About: Diamond Infrastructure Development
Diamond Infrastructure Development is a multifaceted, multi-skilled, diverse combination of individuals who seek to bring healing to the planet through the deployment of technologies developed by Global Oceanic and SeaDog Systems.

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