Steven Keinath

Steven Keinath serves on the Board of Directors of Global Oceanic Designs.

He has been an absolutely vital component of Global’s success by contributing in the areas of corporate strategy, marketing and funding.

Mr. Keinath’s expert-level carpentry skills have compelled him to roll-up his sleeves during the construction of the Crystal Quest IV. He has spent weeks at a time overseeing construction and sharing his knowledge that he has acquired over a life of entrepreneurial endeavors.

More About Steve

A quintessential example of an explorer or adventurer archetype, Steve has been known to travel to the far reaches of the planet in pursuit of the finest sport fishing and big game hunting. His boat, Dreamin’ On, has been featured in a multitude of marlin fishing magazines. Mr. Keinath is also a family man and a philanthropist with a keen eye for fine art.

Dreamin' On Blue Marlin Angling