The Power of Water to Revitalize Human Connection

Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. sends out a 2021 message reminding the world of water’s influence and historic impact to bring people closer together.

WILLIS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 25, 2021 / — As the new year begins, the leaders of Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. grow stronger than ever in their resolve to create a livable environment for future generations as they move towards the deployment of their innovative hydropower technologies.

“As we journey into 2021, we want to remind our communities how imperative it is that we care for one another,” stated Kenneth W. Welch, Jr., Inventor and C.E.O. of Global Oceanic Designs and SeaDog Systems Inc. “That means fighting for the best humanity has to offer and working together for a future that is safe and beneficial for us all.”

Through the company’s ingenious hydropower energy grid systems, Mr. Welch and Georg Engelmann, engineer and C.E.O. at Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc., enter into a global launching point to deploy their wave energy converters via their proprietary hydropower driven liquid grid and hydro energy storage systems.

“Regardless of political affiliation, there are some aspects of human life that connect us all. Water is one of those miraculous elements. It has historically brought people together through hard times, and its power is infinite and yet largely untapped,” pronounced Mr. Engelmann.

Indeed, water has been the quintessential elixir for humanity since the dawn of time. Water brings people together in countless ways; through communal practices of retrieving clean water, nourishment of food and drink, and activities like swimming, traveling, or simply reveling in nature.

Historically, water has brought people together through hard times like these. During the catastrophic fall of the stock market in 1929 leading to the Great Depression, people found ways to connect to one another through water. Amidst devastation and rising unemployment, many locals used canals, lakes, and rivers as swimming pools. People could not afford the admission charge in private swimming pools and clubs, so they converged in waterways to swim, play, and be together.

Through the hardships of the Great Depression, people found ways to join together in the different waterways in the United States and other countries. Kids with their friends and families went to their favorite spots in the rivers or canals, played games, sailed toy boats, and found respite.

Water also became a source of food. With not enough money to buy food, communities would go to the rivers and lakes to catch fish and eat together to enjoy their meal. Water became their source of unity, food, and refuge amid massive unemployment, hunger, and uncertainties.

“We have always had the resilience and innovation to make it out of this difficult period, as generations before us have done. I think we can agree that all humans deserve the dignity of a thriving environment and a robust energy economy that is harmonious with nature. We are here to bring that to all people, starting in this beautiful country of the United States,” said Mr. Welch.

“At Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc., we are bringing the majestic legacy of water further than it has ever gone– into a solution for many of the ills that face our current society. We hope that our technologies will assuage suffering by providing countless financial opportunities, access to clean and sustainable energy and water, and a way to curb the harmful fossil fuel industry that is widely understood to be taking its toll on the planet.”

Indeed, studies have consistently shown hydropower as the most viable fossil fuel alternative, with the best conversion efficiencies compared to other energy sources and more sustainability and cost-efficiency on every level than solar and wind systems.

Global Oceanic Designs and SeaDog Systems Inc. and their partners will be working within the U.S. Congress as well as the U.N. to promote technologies that will help build a sustainable energy economy. The company hopes that its hydropower technologies will bring people together in their quest for a flourishing future.


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