The Truth About “Green Energy”: A Conversation with Environmental Activist Daniel de Castellane.

Sustainability advocate, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Daniel de Castellane shares his views on how to determine which energy systems are truly “Green” and impactful towards curbing climate change, and gives insight into the future of energy.

Asmany global citizens are pained to admit, our planet’s condition is accelerating on land, in the sea, and in the atmosphere. As recently noted by a U.N. flagship study, the effects of these unprecedented environmental impacts are leading to wide-reaching disasters facing human health, food security, socio-economic development, land and marine ecosystems, and migration and displacement, with 6.7 million people displaced due to natural hazards alone in 2019.

We had a conversation with Daniel de Castellane, about his views on the current crisis and how to reckon with it. de Castellane is a social activist and entrepreneur, who leads a collection of companies focused on making a positive impact in the world. In the past, he has been mainly focused on poverty, education, and problems related to equality, but recently, he has felt the need to step in and talk about our environment, because “without a planet, all the other causes are simply irrelevant”.

“Coming from a clinical background, I’ve learned to have an objective view of different concepts, and evaluate them based on data. The current global environmental issues deserve our full attention. We are destroying our planet and pretending that we have a solution while the reality is much different.”

“When we talk about an environmental issue, I try to see beyond the hysteria and look at the root of the problem.” He adds; “Energy is one of the areas that our planet is being greatly affected by; In converting land for energy production, we have destroyed ecosystems and biodiversity. We are polluting the land, air, and sea, causing millions of deaths each year, burdening healthcare systems, and destroying nature’s foundations.

“From a psychological lens, our tendency as humans is to make ourselves feel better and avoid looking at the problem that we have taken part in creating. The reality is that whatever we are doing at the moment, in terms of our environment, is not working. We have a responsibility as individuals to educate ourselves about true alternatives to our current systems.”

He passionately shares, “We are in the last window of hope for creating new sustainable systems and saving our planet. It’s not fair to the next generation if we don’t fight for them. We must stop making bets on an unsustainable future that will put societies at risk”

Though it may seem like we have found a green, sustainable alternative to the traditional energy production methods, like wind and solar, de Castellane warns to not take these companies’ claims at face value. “The perception we often get from the media about “Green” energy is not always accurate. It is crucial that we educate ourselves as consumers about which energy systems are truly Green and sustainable.”

“We have traditional sources such as gas and oil, and we all know the problems that come with those. And then we have the newer, “Green” systems such as wind and solar. But they all have a huge carbon footprint and limited efficiency, ultimately needing to be backed up with fossil fuel alternatives. To add to that, unfortunately, our current “Green” energy systems are made with unrecyclable and ethically questionable materials that in the long term are harmful to the environment.”

Research supports these claims, stating that wind turbines produce little or no power around 60% of the time, and solar power has only a 19%-25% efficiency rate. Both wind and solar have harmful environmental impacts — wind turbines have no means of decomposing, while solar panels leak toxic chemicals. Both wind and solar energy systems also require massive amounts of land to produce electricity.

He then continues to point out Hydroelectric systems as renewable energy sources. In hydroelectric system, the energy is driven from water. Hydropower has the best conversion efficiencies among all known energy sources. “The problem with our current hydropower system is that most of our systems rely on dams, and dams are harmful to ecosystems.”

We asked de Castellane what he recommends for those who are equally passionate about taking a hold of the current crisis and fighting for future generations and investing in systems that are truly Green.

“Taking the time and educating ourselves about the current state of our planet, is the most important step each of us individually should take.” As an individual there are many simple things you can do to live a more sustainable life, such as recycling, using less electricity power rush hours”. He then continues “we need to make our representatives hear our voice, we need to ask for real sustainable solutions, not just a temporary band aid on the problem”.

He also encourages individuals and companies who are in the energy space to look into new technologies; “One of the companies that stands out to me that I have been looking into and working with is Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc, a hydropower infrastructure technology company. I anticipate rapid growth from them. They recently released a video statement about their plans to deploy large scale hydropower systems in the next six months that are more sustainable and cost efficient on every level than the wind and solar systems.”

“I resonated with the founders’ mission to create a sustainable planet that will be habitable for our children’s children. I believe it is each of our responsibilities to do our part in educating ourselves on the best ways to contribute to curbing climate change and restoring a healthy planet.” He goes on “In my last conversation with Mr. Engelmann the president of Diamond Infrastructure Development, and Mr. Welch Jr. the inventor of these technologies, not only is the Company finalizing the hardware/products needed for their wave energy conversion systems, but they are meeting with the appropriate industry leaders to enter into a global launching point. They are now meeting with key authorities within the United States Department of Commerce to engage states, cities, and municipalities along the Eastern Seaboard to deploy our wave energy converters via our proprietary hydropower driven liquid grid and hydro energy storage system.”

Daniel de Castellane will remain busy with his philanthropic efforts, and will continue to research cutting edge technologies, and advocate for those sustainable systems on the global stage.

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